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From the founder...


Between 2017 to 2023, Orion Live was an artist services company dedicated exclusively to expanding the reach of Japanese artists into foreign markets. While it might come as disappointing news to many of our supporters and artists, Orion Live is no more and Setsuzoku Records has rebranded.   


Setsuzoku Records is now heavy metal record label PSYCHOMANTEUM RECORDS and along with my brand new production and development company, Pyramidion Productions, will continue to support a select few Japanese artists. I am now welcoming artists from all over the world to build a roster of deserving talent. More information is available here.

Though I am proud of the tours (except one, maybe two), releases, and support Orion gave to Japanese artists, the truth is that not everyone on the artistic, business, or even fan levels of that niche are able to function in, or accept the realities of, the international music business. Time to quit playing half-court.

I'm thrilled to say that Psychomanteum and Pyramidion are off to a great start. Whether I'm executive producing, designing merch, acting as agent or tour manager, joining a production crew, or consulting in artist development for majors, this is where I belong.

My completely new team is outstanding and I'm always looking for talented and dedicated individuals who know different aspects of the business. I'm currently seeking new blood for paid or volunteer positions. Interested and experienced in A&R, logistics, grahic design, PR or related areas? Drop me a message at  I am also providing interships for the right candidates.

See you down the road....or ON the road!

Last man standing,








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