Underground Tokyo sensation HEAVENSTAMP has been echoing the lineage of international indie rock since their inception in 2009. The sultry energy of vocalist Sally#Cinnamon and infectious songwriting/production of Tomoya.S is on full display on their new album From the Basement. The independent duo, known for their eclectic guitar driven groves and artful presentation, have toured throughout Japan, performed at international festivals, and have toured the UK building a loyal following. Co-producing work with British guitarist Russell Lissack (Bloc Party) and US Indie band Animal Collective, their international reputation continues to grow. 


The duo's 4th album—"From the Basement"—heralds HEAVENSTAMPS return to addictive guitar driven indie-rock after the previous album's exploration of excellent and stylish synth art-pop. The UK/EU edition of the albumfrom Setsuzoku Records, will feature an exclusive bonus track, "Virtual."  The CD will come with a 12-page booklet featuring the band's original photography from around the UK as well as English liner notes and lyrics in both Japanese and romaji transliteration.


"From the Basement" is available from 26 February, 2021. 


Track listing:


Sail to Heaven



心に火をつけて   (Kokoronihiotsukete

愛に由来   (Ainiyurai

Mind the Gap


Virtual (exclusive bonus track)

HEAVENSTAMP - From the Basement CD