Known for her range, tone, and power, IBUKI is one of Japan's finest metal vocalists. IBUKI is well known for her many projects including the band DISQUALIA, guest performances for Fate Gear, Rie aka Suzaku, guitarist Kabaya, and the wrestling-theatre hybrid 'The Makai' (performing as the 'Evil Charm.') She is also the vocalist for the project known as NATSUMETAL. In 2018, IBUKI set her sights on expression as a solo artist. Her 2018 album ExMyself  showcases her talent as not only a vocalist but also as a songwriter.


The ExMyself - European Special Edition, out 29/01/2021, is IBUKI's first international release and features a brand new track, "Door to the New World."  IBUKI is ready to conquor new territory and all of her enthusiasm is on display on this new track, written and recorded exclusively for this first Setsuzoku Records release. An updated cover to match a brand new booklet and new theme will also grace the release! The new booklet will include the lyrics in the original Japanese as well as romaji. The new theme is a fresh take using the original photography visually bringing IBUKI into a 'new world.'


1. Falling Bird   

2. ExMyself  

3. Shake Your Body  

4. Jealousy & Desire  

5. Un Soldat  

6. Break Out!  

7. Deserted Memory  

8. Sky Above

9. Door to the New World (bonus track)

IBUKI ~ExMyself 'European Special Edition~ CD