BRIDEAR - Aegis of Athena CD

1. Side of a Bullet
2. Preference
3. Greed
4. With Me
5. Determination
6. Ray of Chaos
7. The Bathtub
8. Lodestar
9. Past in Emerald
11. Road

Formed in Fukuoka Japan in 2012, BRIDEAR is one of Japan’s premier heavy metal bands and is setting their sights on the global stage. With diverse influences from German metal legends Helloween to British prog-pop pioneers Muse, the all-female quintet combines elements of power metal, progressive rock, and the melodic hooks of J-pop to create a sound unlike any of their rivals from the Land of the Rising Sun. After building a passionate fanbase from years of touring and a string of successful releases, BRIDEAR is ready for the world.

Aegis of Athena is BRIDEAR's 4th full length album and marks the band's third official international release after Bloody Bride and the reissue of Expose Your Emotions. The album has a variant booklet and cover, distinguishing it from the Japanese release. 

BRIDEAR - Aegis of Athena CD

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